"And it was after months of silence that I realised we make better strangers than we ever did anything else."

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Jenny Holzer, Protect Me From What I want, 1983-85

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  • me: *gets out of day old pajamas*
  • me: *takes a shower*
  • me: *gets into clean pajamas*
  • me: summertime


Existing is hard work.

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if i lay here

if i just lay here

do u think i’d still pass all of my classes

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"I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me."

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"It’s not my responsibility to be beautiful. I am not alive for that purpose. My existence is not to fulfill yours about how desirable you may find me."

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"My body is tired and I’m tired of my body."

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"There’s no benchmark for how life’s “supposed” to happen. There is no ideal world for you to wait around for. The world is always just what it is now, it’s up to you how you respond to it."

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"I really cannot get my head around it; everyone wants to solve problems, everyone is interested in preventing pain from happening; everyone is almost obsessively focused in some ideal idea of happiness acquisition. And I am alone: I am in love with sorrow, I am in love with the problematic labyrinths I often find myself in. I am in love with it all."

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"You can’t just pretend that the things you watch, and the things you hear, and the places you go will not have an impact on your character. They will."

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